The team at Custom Mannequin Solutions are Australia”s most experienced and professional Mannequin specialists
As Australia’s leading Mannequin company ,Custom Mannequin Solutions are dedicated to excellence in all things Mannequin.
Mannequin Sales,Mannequin Refurbishment,Mannequin Repair and Custom Mannequin manufacture
Our team of local Artisans are now complemented by our collaboration with the worlds leading Mannequin Company Rootstein delivering world class products and services
We are not only very excited but also extremely proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributor of Rootstein Mannequins in Australia and New Zealand
As part of this collaboration Custom Mannequin Solutions will also be providing all after sales Mannequin repair ,Mannequin parts,Mannequin Make-ups and Mannequin refurbishments for Rootstein’s new and existing clients
With Rootstein we are continually searching for new and innovative ways to deliver more enviro-friendly outcomes